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Once upon a Troll

This is my final project at school.

I have drawn the concept art and I created this creature with Zbrush.
I was inspired by the old engravings of trolls in Scandinavia’s folklore and of course the trolls from ‘’the hobbit’‘ by J.R.R. Tolkien.
All the textures were painted in Zbrush (except the hair, floor, spiderweb & the spider) and modified a little bit in Photoshop.

I specialy want to thanks Emily Rensdorff for the help and my other friends for the support.

Mathieu vaillancourt test02
Mathieu vaillancourt idle f b
Mathieu vaillancourt attack02
Mathieu vaillancourt pf01
Mathieu vaillancourt for texture
Mathieu vaillancourt troll concept art

As you can see, the final version changed a lot.

Mathieu vaillancourt concept art

Once upon a troll

Once upon a troll High poly version