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A medieval dagger

I created the base mesh with 3ds max and the texture with Substance Painter.

''The term dagger appears only in the Late Middle Ages, reflecting the fact that while the dagger had been known in antiquity, it had disappeared during the Early Middle Ages, replaced by the hewing knife or seax.

Depiction of combat with the dagger (degen) in Hans Talhoffer (1467)
The dagger reappeared in the 12th century as the "knightly dagger", or more properly cross-hilt or quillon dagger, and was developed into a common arm and tool for civilian use by the late medieval period.''

Mathieu vaillancourt dag01
Mathieu vaillancourt dag02
Mathieu vaillancourt dag03
Mathieu vaillancourt dagger blood

A test with blood on the blade.

Mathieu vaillancourt daggerbase

Only 224 polygon!

Mathieu vaillancourt dagger tex

A medieval dagger